Meet Tracy Pratt.
Your neighbor. Your advocate.

Tracy Pratt is the Democratic nominee for The Florida State House of Representatives, District 71.

Tracy has a lifetime of advocacy around the important issues facing our state. She has worked on environmental protection, affordable housing, and for under privileged children. Tracy has worked for the Innocence Project of New Orleans and the Louisiana Civil Justice Center coordinating legal aid across the state for disaster effected residents after Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill. She is the former Vice President of Healthy Start Manatee, and is currently the Vice Chair of Project 180, an organization that helps people transition from prison to new productive lives in the community, in an effort to prevent a return to incarceration.

“After Parkland, I realized I needed
to take the biggest stand I could.”

Tracy is a local attorney with her own practice in Bradenton. The foundation of her legal career is public interest law, with a focus on civil rights, legal aid, Innocence work and post conviction matters.

As a first generation American, and as the first person in her family to graduate from college, Tracy understands the important issues being faced by the people of our state. She has first hand experience with the struggles that working people face everyday, and she understands the importance of efforts to promote the issues that impact the middle class and working poor.

Tracy is a mother of two children who are 5th generation Manatee County residents. Tracy moved to Sarasota in 1994 and worked her way through MCC (now SCF) and Eckerd College. She received her Law Degree from Loyola University in New Orleans. Tracy’s husband is a local Family Physician whose practice is tailored to the care of seniors.

“With responsive, accountable leadership
working for an energized community,
I know that together we can protect Florida’s future!

Tracy and her family have a lasting connection to the gulf coast of Florida, and because of this she has a deep personal interest in the protection of our environment, public education, access to healthcare, and the eradication of gun violence.

Tracy knows that a growth economy can be environmentally sustainable and can improve the lives of the people of our state.

With the help of the people in District 71, Tracy will continue our march into the 21st Century and together we will PROTECT FLORIDA’S FUTURE!