Where I Stand on the Issues

Tracy Pratt is running on a platform of common sense solutions to the issues we all care about and fighting to protect Florida’s future.
Click on the issues below to see where she stands on the issues at the forefront of this November’s election.


The environment is our economy. Protecting the environment has been my number one priority since I decided to run for state representative. My children are 5th generation Manatee County residents, and I want to make sure that Florida’s beautiful environment is here for their grandchildren to enjoy.


  • We must fully fund Florida Forever, which 75% of Floridians supported when they voted to protect environmentally sensitive conservation lands by passing Amendment One in 2014.
  • We can address Toxic Algae Blooms by reinstating the Harmful Algae Blooms Task Force. This task force was designed to provide science based monitoring, prediction and notifying when it was established in 1999, but has not received funding since 2001.
  • Red Tide – we know that it can feed off of nutrients in the water once it moves inshore. We need to support the Red Tide Control and Mitigation Grants Program, fund septic-to-sewer conversion programs, and address toxic run-off by holding polluters accountable, returning to environmental regulations that limit the use of nutrients, and educating our communities about sustainable practices. We also must ensure resources for businesses, jobs and communities effected by Red Tide.
  • We can provide for a sustainable economy by expanding renewable energy. Florida is the “Sunshine State”, and yet we fall behind our regional neighbors in solar energy production. I want to help Florida become a world leader in solar energy.
  • We must prepare both our physical and institutional infrastructure for sea level rise and large storms. I coordinated legal aid services in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; I know how communities are effected by environmental disaster and I am ready to work hard to make sure that we are prepared!
  • I will prioritize Floridians over corporate polluters by ensuring that we protect Floridians health, jobs and quality of life over corporate profits.

I am a product of public school education. I support the protection of public schools by ending high-stakes testing and voucher related programs that seek to privatize our school systems. I am opposed to for-profit charter schools. I also support promoting competitive teacher and school staff salaries.


I am working to end the epidemic of gun violence with common sense gun safety provisions like universal background checks, closing the gun-show loop hole, and placing restrictions on individual ownership of assault weapons and high capacity magazines.


I believe everyone should have access to healthcare. We need to increase access to healthcare for 800,000 Floridians by accepting the Medicaid expansion, addressing the primary care shortage by increasing university residency slots, focusing on community health and coordinated services for the highest utilizers.


Seniors are a driving economic force in Florida. We need to protect what they have earned, prevent elder abuse, and ensure their access to healthcare.


I started my legal career at Innocence Project working to free the wrongfully convicted. I have been working towards criminal justice reform ever since, and currently I am Vice-Chair of Project 180, a local non-nonprofit that helps the formerly incarcerated transition successfully back to community life.

Across the county we see significant bi-partisan support to reform our criminal justice system. We need to end mass incarceration and focus on programs that provide people with the services they need to be successful members of our communities. This will save taxpayer dollars and increase public safety.


I am proud of my Equality Florida endorsement. I have long supported equal rights of the LGBTQ community and I am ready to fight for fight for workplace protections and a statewide ban on conversion therapy for minors.


My family founded the Manatee County Humane Society. My daughter is named after her Great-Grandmother, Gertrude Decker.  Manatee County’s animal control services building is also named after Gertrude Decker, because of her lifetime of animal advocacy.  Just like the matriarch of my family I support animal welfare, and founded the Animal Law Section of my university while in law school. We live with four rescue dogs: Jet, Sunny, Lola and Link.


I am a small business owner, and I have worked with several non-profit organizations,  I know how to get the job done on a tight budget! We can achieve so much more for Floridians without raising taxes on working families. I will fight for a balanced budget that prioritizes the environment, education, and healthcare over tax breaks for special interests and multinational corporations.


Floridians deserve a representative that responds to the people, not the money from special interest groups. I am not a career politician. I am a mother and a public interest attorney who is ready to take the voice of the people to Tallahassee.


I am tired of the term “working poor”. If you go to work everyday you should not be poor. I support an increase in the minimum wage to meet living wage standards.


Florida is facing an affordable housing crisis, yet every year for the last 14 years the legislature has raided the affordable housing trusts to pay for tax cuts and plug holes in the budget. We need to ensure that this trust is utilized as it was intended.


I stand with the majority of Floridians who voted to legalize medical marijuana. However, I feel the legislature could being doing more to ensure patient’s access to medical marijuana, and I will work to make this happen. I also support the decriminalization of marijuana in order reduce our prison population by ending the prosecution and incarceration of non-violent offenders charged with marijuana offenses.